The Love of Chubby Girls – 4 Tips to Pursue Favorite Men

chubby girlsOrator: Catherine
Weight: 200 lbs
Times of love: 2 times

I am the only child of my parents; I have been pampered since childhood. My parents give me the best, and I never have to worry about living. I used to think that I never lacked love. However, suddenly one day a friend asked me, “Why do not you fall in love?” Suddenly I found that I had never been able to face my love deep in my heart. I am fat, yes. I never become the focus of the crowd because of the 200 lbs of weight. Therefore, I am afraid to get along with boys, afraid to get the different vision.

My two romances were found online on chubby dating websites. The first boy was a migrant worker and had no money, but he was sincere. We share with each other online with our joys and sorrows each day. But I never dared to tell him what I looked like. I started looking forward to meeting him online every day, and I would be happy to chat with him.

Finally one day, he said he wanted to see me, and I was in a panic. Then I dared not to chat with him, and he was looking for me and leaving me messages every day with sincere words. He said he did not care what I looked like; he said he believed true love. Then I believe it.

On our first date, I still saw a flash of surprise in his eyes. I pretended not to find his surprise, and he pretended not to behave differently. We’ve been “cooperating” for a day, and I think I should be happy, but he never asked me out again. This is not the true love I want.

4 tips for chubby girls to pursue favorite men:

1. Mentality

The chubby girls must be confident. Many girls put themselves closed because they are fat. They don’t want to express themselves. And they will become fatter and more and more introverted as time passes. Generally chubby women have good characters. Then you should express your openness and kindness. Be sure to remember that sincere heart will be harvested only if you treat others honestly. Fat is not an essential problem, and losing weight is not a dream that can never be realized. Chubby girls have to love themselves, but they also want to make themselves more healthy and beautiful when they love themselves.

2. Go into action

You should take the initiative to make friends. Why do more and more young people complain about the smaller and smaller circles of friends? We should find the reasons for ourselves. Chubby girls should use your open and frank way to infect people around you, and to give sincerity to each friend. Then you can get more sincerity. Only by expanding your circle of friends can you increase your chances of getting love. It is necessary to believe that there will be a man who likes your appearance.

Once you meet a boy that makes you feel heartfelt, you should not be self abased first. The first reaction of a lot of girls is to shrink when they meet the right man. The relationship between people is based on continuous communication and understanding. If you don’t want to do everything you can to make him know you constantly, then he will never notice your strengths and your charm.

3. Hope

The refusal that chubby girls meet must be more than those beautiful women. However, as long as you remember, if there is hope, you must not give up, and then you can find the right person. “He refused me to be his loss,” “I’m sure I will find a better man.” these self – encouragement are useful. Because you are the only one in the world, no one can take the place of you. You must be the most beautiful and the best, but the one who takes you as the most beautiful baby hasn’t appeared yet.

4. Don’t give up

Your treatment of love should be “hopeless optimism”. Don’t be disappointed with men, even if you haven’t met someone who is suitable for you, even if the person you meet has not reached your ideal standard. The charm of a woman is not just defined by a man. You have to have confidence in yourself and believe in your own charm.