4 Skincare Essentials Every Local SSBBW Should Try This Summer

local ssbbwRegardless of how much you keep yourself inside the four walls of your house/office and walk in shady areas, it is tough to skip the sunrays. It is, in fact, impossible to protect your skin from those harmful UV rays with these minor steps. However, when talking about the following skincare products, every local SSBBW and other ladies around can better safeguard their skin and enjoy the best of their beauty.

So without ado, let’s check all these products.


It is a complete series of face wash, toner, and moisturizer straight from Togo, West Africa. It’s made from coffee berries that are highly antioxidant in nature to give your skin a smooth protection, ingredients like butter and coconut to make the cleaning process easier and faster, and a good smell to match your vibes.

It is available for every skin complexion, implying you need hold yourself from checking out ITADI Body products and bring them on your dressing table today.

St. Ives Face Mist

It is yet another product that every local SSBBW should invest in. These face mists are formulated with the most relaxing scents like that of orange, lavender, and grapefruit which hydrates your skin, make it glowing, and thus, boost your confidence.

Deodorant Wipes

Introduced by popular brands, Dove and Degree, this product gives you an escape from keeping the traditional roll under your armpit or spray deodorant excessively to not smell in front of your partner from SSBBW dating sites.

It is smooth, easy-to-use, and long lasting – with fragrance just like that of your favorite deodorants, which makes it a point to purchase them and keep in your handbag today itself.

COTZ (Contains Only Titanium and Zinc)

If you had bad experiences with sunscreens containing yucky ingredients that made you end up being embarrassed in front of the guy you found from SSBBW dating sites, this is the perfect product for you.

As depicted from the name, COTZ is a mineral sunscreen that has titanium with zinc which gives a naturally soothing feel to your skin. It comes in different forms, including lip balms and makeup primer, and reflects UVA-UVB rays away from your skin – leaving a gentle impact on your skin.

So look forward to buying this product and wear in your daily life

These were some of the summer skincare essentials that I recommend to every local SSBBW. And in fact, to every woman out there. Try all of them and get a soothing experience this summer. And yeah, in case you wish to share your experience with our other friends, leave a comment below. And lastly, keep rocking in the world of SSBBW dating.