For Chubby Chasers: How to Attract Chubby People Online

chubby chasersIt is tough to find the right person. Moreover, if you are one of the chubby chasers (people who are into chubby people), the process of dating becomes harder. Whether you are into online dating or old-fashioned dating, shift your focus from size. This will help you to attract men or women towards you, especially if you want to date chubby people:

Never fat-shame the person you want to date

We know that chubby chasers are into chubby people. But when you are chatting with chubby people online, it is best if you avoid fat-shaming them since it is extremely important. Doing this, you might mess up your first date. Dating chubby girls or boys is not similar to normal dating. For example, never tell them that you love BBWs or you love dating bigger girls. Alternatively, never mention that you love dating healthy men. Although you might think that these comments will make the opposite person good, it does the opposite.

Apart from commenting on their physique, it is best if you focus on their hobbies. You can even praise their beauty or their sense of humor. Your partner should not feel uncomfortable around you on the first date.

Try to be humble with your man or woman

Chubby men or women have to deal with various bad experiences on their first date after communicating online. Men who indulge in sexual activities on their first date often make fun of their women to their friends. Similarly, many women dating chubby men use them for money, which is definitely not a good idea. And we know as a chubby chaser, you will know how to avoid these situations.

Therefore, all these things will automatically kill self-esteem. All you can do is be leery. It is necessary, especially if you want to experience the world of chubby people. Many men and women get harsh rewards for loving a chubby personality. Hence, it is best if you avoid being rude to those people.

Above all, no matter what the other person says, it is best to avoid taking the comments personally. Stick to the theory that you want to love the person, their personality, and not just because of their body.

Always go out with him/her in public

If you have found your chubby partner on chubby chaser dating sites or apps, you should consider taking him/her out at a right time. People dating chubby men or women have to deal with hate or mean comments in public. It is quite painful; however, this does not mean that you will not go out with them on the date. Moreover, when any chubby woman is out with her man in public, people think that they are just friends. If you and your partner are sure about your relationship, nothing should matter. Take them out for dinner, movies, and even walk hand-in-hand.

Therefore, when dating you must be aware of the fact that one size fits all. Everyone is different and dating does not mean that you will choose someone depending on his or her size. As one of the chubby chasers, you should let your partner feel your humour and your love for him/her. Meanwhile, you should not be stingy to show your merits in front of him/her in order to attract him/her.