5 Points Curvy Women Should Religiously Follow While Dating

curvy womenDating is quite difficult for curvy women. They are often made ashamed for their body, given tips to get in shape, exploited by their male partner on the name of love, and much more. However, does this imply they should avoid even the idea of finding their Prince Charming?

NO, dating is not something that is exclusively meant for slim and fit women. Curvy, sexy ladies can also enjoy perks of being in a healthy and strong relationship, provided they follow these 5 pointers:

Be You

We have often seen curvy women hiding their tummy fat with a pillow or wearing loose and not-so-flattering outfits. If you too do so, it’s time to undo the action. Just be you. Be comfortable in your skin and wear what you want to.

Remember, dating is a beautiful phase of life and not a necessity like breathing and eating. You have to feel comfortable and actually enjoy the phase first. Therefore, next time, if you feel suffocating or compromised unnecessarily in a relationship, get out of it in the first place. You are not meant to be suffered after all.

Take Initiative

Many curvy women think they should wait for the guy to make the first move. This is the sure-fire way to get a partner. However, it is not so. If you like a guy, just go to him and talk. No matter he appreciates or rejects you blatantly, at least try once. This will speed up the overall process.

Don’t settle for any

Bear in mind, you need not fall for the first person who shows interest in you. You are not lesser than any. Therefore, don’t compromise. Build your own standards, approach the potential guys and don’t take rest until you find your right one.

Besides, if you have no feeling for someone, simply tell him. Don’t try to fake the emotions or look forward to generating those emotions.

Avoid dates in Dark

Suppose you registered on a BBW app and are going to have first dating with your Mr Right. Now, what? While most of the older ladies prefer going in dark just to prevent focus from their tummy, we suggest dumping this idea somewhere.

Be confident in your skin and go whenever you feel. If he’s the right one for you, he won’t feel embarrassed of your body. He wouldn’t judge you for such materialistic things.

Have Sex When You actually want to

Love can’t happen with a rule book. Therefore, it is fine if you fall for someone and have sex on the very first meeting. But yeah, you have to ensure that it should not be a forced attempt. You should not feel sorry later. Besides, it should be a safe sex in a non-judgment zone.

No matter what size or shape you shape, just keep in mind that you too are beautiful. Curvy women are not lesser than a slim and fit girl and so, should not settle down at something lesser than that.