Going for BBW dating? Here’s are the Ultimate Makeup Tips for Curvy girls

Curvy girlsAlike every other girl, curvy girls also want to look the best version of themselves on their first BBW dating. They wish to wear everything that could make them appear overall slim while flaunting their best parts. Many of them undergo extensive dieting to lose weight. However, they fail to make their face look a little fuller. If you are one of them, this blog is apt for you!

Here, we are going to share some makeup tips that will make your face look slimmer and complement your overall efforts and appearance. So, are you ready?

Let’s begin.

Face Foundation Shading Tips

Use two shading of foundation – one that goes with your skin tone and the other a little darker one.  Apply the lighter foundation on significant portions of the face, like nose, chin, under eyes, and forehead area. Cover the other areas like temples and jawline with the darker shade of foundation. Mix both well so that your neck doesn’t seem odd and different from your face.

Blush & Bronzer Tips

Once the foundation is done, turn to bronzer for adding contouring effects to your face. Use bronzer to fill the hollow regions. If you don’t have bronzer, you can also select a darker loose powder.

Blushers will bring a picture-perfect and well-toned look if done in the right way. For chubby women dating someone, it’s best to prefer pink and peach blusher tone. But, keep in mind that the blusher should move in an outward side – from cheekbones to temple, while implementing strokes on the cheekbones.

Eyebrow Shaping Tips

Sharp arched eyebrows can lessen the curves of your face. So, go for it. When you got arched brows, make them appear dark using an eyebrow pencil with a darker hue. Besides, make your eyes look smoky and brighten the eye area. This will add value to your elegance.

Lip Shading Tips

Curvy girls often have lips with high volume. So, to make them appear sexy and appealing, use the right lip liner on the lower lip. This will bring the whole attention on the lower lip, which will make your full lips seem less bulky.

Hope these makeup tips for curvy girls make you look hot and just perfect for your first date. Apart from the makeup tips, another tip that I would like to give is to have confidence in yourself. Your looks might attract your partner, but it’s your confidence that will keep him hooked. So, enjoy being you!