Are BBW Fashion Insulators? No!

Who says big girls are fashion insulators and they don’t look good at anything? Are BBW Fashion Insulators? No! It is because you didn’t see these stylish, confident, charming big girls.

Tanesha AwasthiTanesha Awasthi

Tanesha Awasthi has a Spanish and Cuban lineage. She has a sexy look. At first she just liked to try all kinds of clothes. Then she started her own blog Girlwithcurves for her own daily collocation. However, because of her unique street style, ‘Glamour’ invited her as a model only three weeks later. Three years later, she quit her job, became a designer and set up her own brand. Last year she designed some puffy skirts that sold out less than 21 hours.

Most of the brands her wear come from some value brands, such as ASOS, HM, Forever21. So even if people don’t have enough money, they can afford it! The horizontal stripes and the waist which many big girls think are dressing minefields are her favorite elements. A pair of jeans with the highest figure is her highest shooting rate.

According to the results of a scientific research BBC released in 2012, horizontal stripes than thin vertical stripes. Because the vertical stripes will distort with the body curve which will let your chubby curves become more obvious. Tanesha Awasthi as vermicelli of horizontal stripes shows the effect of the thin horizontal stripes.

Nicolette MasonNicolette Mason

Nicolette Mason is a fashion editor, fashion designer, creative consultant and fashion writer from Brooklyn. She has no perfect figure, but her good clothing let people don’t care whether she has long legs and waist. Her confidence inspired many women who were plagued by obesity. She encouraged them to love their curves and styles and to make sound for the fashion. At the same time, she showed her identity as a lesbian. Nicolette Mason has married girlfriend Ali Tahan. As long as there is love, sex is not a problem.

Nicolette Mason is completely a fan of leather jacket. And the leather jacket has the highest shooting rate in her collocation. Whether she is wearing skirts or trousers, she will get a leather jacket outside.

Gabi Gregg

bbw fashionGabi has always been interested in fashion. So after graduating from college in 2008, she set up her own blog. At first she was only interested in sharing her fashion suggestions and clothes with people. Slowly her collocation was spread wildly by the netizen, and a random blog was one hundred thousand + clicking rate. So many media, branding, and fashion magazines made her an invitation. But Gabi said she won’t take those invitations. She has her own set of principles ‘don’t let clothes limit your figure!’ ‘I hope I can do what I like and make money at the same time’. She is such a girl who has been able to live alone to do something that a fat girl can’t think about – becoming a bikini model. In addition to being a model, Gabi serves as a designer and advertising creative task. It proved that she was absolutely not a ‘chest and no brain’ girl.

The top half of Gabi’s INS is her underwear and swimsuit photos. You can see the confidence from inside to the outside on her. So what is this? It’s BBW fashion.