4 Signs to Know if Your SSBBW Dating Partner is Genuine or a Player

SSBBW DatingSo you finally met someone on ssbbw dating site and things are going quite well among you. That’s great. But wait – before you start crafting your dreams with him, find out if he has genuine feelings for you or is another playboy.

Sounds distressing? Wondering how to figure out if he is really in love with you or someone who just calls you hot bbw half heartedly?

Well, it’s not that difficult if you check for these 5 features in your man:

1. He speaks his mind

If he has genuine feelings for you, he won’t feel afraid to speak his mind. He will remain true to his feelings and share his emotions rather than manipulating everything as per your wants.

2. He offers emotional and physical support

If he is a playboy, he will crave for your body and give you the best physical support. However, if he has real emotions for you, he will look forward to supporting you both emotionally and physically.

He will encourage you to grow both as an individual and as a partner. He will boost up your confidence and make you understand the real beauty of you, which many other guys on ssbbw dating websites might fail to notice.

3. He take initiatives

Regardless of whether it’s about picking grocery from the nearest store or booking a movie ticket, a real guy takes initiative in every possible scenario. He treats his hot bbw like a queen and performs all the tasks on his own. However, at the same time, he does not make it seem too cheesy and fake.

4. He uses vague language

Last but not the least, pay attention to what story he narrates when he’s with you – does he admit of being with you or cook some odd details, does he introduces you to others at the same place or not, does he feel happier when calling you as his love or not. All such questions will help you to determine if he’s looking his future with you or not, which will aid you in taking the right decision.

Now as you know some of the signs that can help you to differentiate between a real man and a playboy, be smart with your action. Throw the playboys out of your life and enjoy the life of a hot bbw. And hold to a genuine person throughout your life to make it more beautiful.