7 Beach Outfits Every Chubby Girl Should Try

chubby girlFinally, summer is here! The time you can bid goodbye to layering suits and flaunt your body in swimming suits and sandals. the time you can kill pools by putting your hot and sexy swimsuits. Isn’t it so?

I know, being a chubby girl, it seems a bit awkward especially when you feel that a skinny hourglass girl with collar bones will take away all the attention. But let me share this with you – you can make the guy you found on chubby girl dating sites fall crazy for you with these 7 beach outfits.

So don’t wait! Check out this top beach outfit picks depending on whether you want to wear a bikini or a proper swimsuit.

1. Neon Moon

A Neon moon plus-size swimming suit is the very first outfit to experiment with. The firm grip of waist and breasts the dress delivers will provide you with a glorious outlook and make other feel envy about your curves.

2. Charmat Swimsuit Size 2X + 3XL

This series of swimsuits are a perfect edition for you if you are a chubby girl with bust, waist and hip measuring 49, 41 and 55 inches, respectively.

3. Cherry Flower Tankini Top

If you don’t want to look boring and pale this summer, this flower tankini top is the right addition to your wardrobe. The outfit, when embellished with a lovely peekaboo, can make your plus-size swimming suit stand out of the crowd and make your partner fall for you again.

4. Caged Bikini

This might sound absolutely a new thing, but a caged bikini is an impressive outfit to be comfortable about your breasts and waist while flaunting your curves all the time.

5. The Bali Underwire Skirtini

This unique piece of outfit helps chubby girls to feel the comfort by holding their breasts comfortably and tightening their lower tips, which enables them to swim feely.

6. Retro Bandeau One-Piece Swimsuit

With availability in sizes up to 7XL, this swimsuit exhibits the right amount of curves at the right places and makes your guy feel it.

7. The High-Neck One-Piece Swimsuit

If you are a chubby girl with self-esteem issues and fear that your partner will leave you for some hottie chic, this piece is all you need. This plus-size swimming suit will provide you with the best of comfort, confidence and sexy look.

While choosing one of these swimsuits is an ideal decision, you can also try all and surprise the guy you found on chubby dating sites. Think about it once!